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Image of John Leech

Behind Every Great Business is a Dedicated Leadership Team

Our management team is comprised of business-savvy individuals who have been with WSI for a combined total of 115 years! They are a dedicated bunch who live and breathe each of our core values.

At WSI Business Builders, our goal is to help every client grow and develop their business successfully Online.  The Online transition that was already happening has accelerated over the past year due to the pandemic – so for all businesses having a successful Online presence is crucial to your ongoing success and viability.

We have specific expertise in working with eCommerce businesses either local or international.  So we understand how to analyze your online presence and optimise it to deliver either great B2B or Direct to Consumer growth. We get under the covers with you, Understand the challenges and build a shared plan to plot a way forward.


John Leech

Principal Consultant

John has spent his entire career in the digital space, initially building digital solutions to solve customer’s business problems through his work in IBM and then building Lenovo’s eCommerce business in Europe from zero to 14 countries.

This gives him the perspective of both a consultant and a business owner. He now brings that experience to bear working with business owners, Marketing Executives, and Entrepreneurs to craft effective digital marketing strategies that deliver top-line sales growth, develop great customer engagement and help secure their online futures.