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Expert Tips to Improve Your eCommerce Website Experience

We all love to shop on a site that works really well for us but too many times we leave an eCommerce site without completing a purchase.

In this webinar, we review the key design elements of what makes up a well-designed eCommerce experience.

Afterwards you will have a number of guiding principles that you can apply to your own site and how it works.

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While beautiful is nice good eCommerce design has to clear, functional, fast and help the customer on each step of their journey.

Any real world retailer will also recognise some of these principles we try to translate those to the digital world in this presentation. Watch back the webinar at this link.

About Your Speaker

John has a long track record of working in the Software, Consulting and eCommerce business. He was IBM’s first eBusiness evangelist in Ireland and from there he set up the teams as part of IBM’s transformation away from a hardware vendor to a software and services leader. He later transitioned to Lenovo where he was responsible for setting up and running their eCommerce business in Europe creating a diverse team driving a multi-million dollar business in 14 countries.

He now works as a Digital Marketing Advisor and Consultant with Small and Large companies helping them grow their business through understanding and harnessing the right digital marketing capabilities, technologies and processes.

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