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The Business of eCommerce Podcast – Scaling your eCommerce or Digital Business without losing touch with the Customer.

The Business of eCommerce Podcast – Scaling your eCommerce or Digital Business without losing touch with the Customer.

Finding New and Better customers without losing the original reason you were successful is key to your long term strategy.

Joining us for todays conversation are

Aisling Quinn Founder and CEO of Moshoppa

David Gordon Head of eCommerce Cloudtech

Paul Carey SEO Consultant at Launch Site Boost

Shane Stafford Senior Marketing Leader at Clarity Engagement Solutions

We are looking at how to manage our operations and communications while scaling your business. In the pursuit of growth, you can’t lose sight of the key messages and values that might have made you successful in the first instance.

 We are into the peak season for Consumer shopping and Online is no different as we all ramp up communications, promotions, and offers.  It all happens automatically now without the hysteria of previous years.

But in order to grow revenue, you need new customers or better customers.

New customers mean typically new and more traffic.  We discussed a lot about the different approaches to getting more traffic but Organic Search Engine Traffic is still the foundational programme that builds success for many brands especially once they get beyond the initial bounce that Social and other platforms can give you.

Better Customers to me means existing customers that buy more and that is either larger basket sizes or more frequent purchases.  Sometimes that means you need to increase and improve your range of offerings.  So we are looking forward to hearing some new ways to do that without necessarily taking on the headaches of a larger stock pool.

Once this is all working well and you are seeing the growth you hoped for then the manual processes that you started out with and were the right thing to do when you got started are now no longer fit for purpose and you need to think about streamlining or automating those processes. How the other question is how can you keep everything working smoothly with staff working remotely these days as well.

But and there is always a but – we have talked many many times to eCommerce owners on this podcast about what makes their store different and successful and increasingly you have to have that strong connection with your customer based on your vision and mission of what you are trying to do – the thing that makes you different from the larger faceless or maybe even soulless brands.

As eCommerce leaders, I keep saying we are in the content and education business really because that is the best way to earn the right to sell and it is surely the best way to long-term value customer relationships.  So before we get completely carried away with expansion and growth it is always good to check ourselves and make sure we are retaining that authentic customer connection that made us successful in the first place.

Enjoy the listen.


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